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Like a taxi throbbing waiting.

Today I'm 37 weeks pregnant, which means that even though there are three weeks 'til my official due date, this kid is now considered A Full Term Baby. Guys, there is a completed human being residing inside my torso -- what. He's all knees and elbows and undulating rump, prone to late night aerobics sessions and yoga stretches where he pushes off my hipbone to press out against my rib cage at the opposite side. It's exactly as strange as you'd think it would be; also cool, irritating, uncomfortable, in turns.

All of a sudden the interminably long period of pregnancy has become a last minute scramble. Things we haven't done yet: assembled the bassinet (haven't even bought the crib), gotten newborn diapers, picked a name. Probably ought to get on that.

It's such a strange feeling, waiting for this Huge, Irrevocable Life Change but unable to do anything to speed it up, not too much to prep, not even knowing exactly when it'll happen. A little like waiting to go off to college, but with more heartburn and backache. I can't wait for the baby to drop, which should happen any day now, so I get a little of my lung capacity back.

Also I am VERY EXCITED about the Gilmore Girls resurrection.
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